Having obtained a range of experience in several prestigious law offices in Jakarta, in 1 July 2012 Maddenleo T. Siagian established MS Partnership, Attorney at Law, then later to improve its legal services, in June 24 2014, officially renamed it as MADDEN SIAGIAN & PARTNERS LAW FIRM (“MSP”). A Jakarta law firm focusing more extensively in handling litigation affairs. Because in handling litigation affairs has its own characteristics and uniqueness, the expertise and specialties of advocates with special experience are also required and therefore, MSP with new breakthrough comes in providing litigation legal services to enter Indonesian litigation market.

MSP with all the hard work and calculated legal considerations, aims not only to merely solve law problems, however the prevention efforts and plan to avoid potential losses as the effect of the litigation process, have always became our priority and reference for each of the steps taken. Legal certainty and comfort in running a business is a top priority for MSP in providing legal services. Moreover, understanding the commercial aspect of each case that we handle becomes additional value to the clients. Qualified legal knowledge is a fundamental point which is always highlighted to maintain the maximum consistency of legal services of each lawyer in MSP.

Thoroughly resolve client cases and holistically in providing the best and satisfying solutions given in a timely manner after in-depth consideration upon the supporting facts and evidences, that is the philosophy that always underlies MSP advocates in dealing with any client case