Civil Litigation01. Civil Litigation

MSP has handled several civil lawsuits both as plaintiff, defendant, or as a co-defendant in various district courts throughout Indonesia. Tort lawsuits and default are the majority of cases we have handled. Not only the local companies, multinational corporations, and foreign enterprises have entrusted MSP as their legal counsel to represent them in courts across Indonesia. Insurance companies, finance companies, textile companies, banks, paper companies, and individuals are the clients who have been handled by MSP. Starting from the handling in district court, an appeal in the high court, even cassation to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (and judicial review).

Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations02. Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations

MSP advocates have handled many of Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations cases both act as the attorney of the applicant or the defendant in the Commercial Court, MSP Partners are listed as Receiver and Administrator at the Association of Indonesian Receivers and Administrators (AKPI). Experienced as Receivers, MSP Partners have several times designated by the Commercial Court as Receiver in carrying out the functions pursuant to Act No. 37 of 2004 on Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Obligations. The experience and mastery of the receiver and administrator allow it as an added value for MSP in handling Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations cases, hence MSP can provide legal advice at the beginning of the whole process to be faced by the client.

Arbitration03. Arbitration

MSP advocates have handled many arbitration matters in Indonesia National Board Of Arbitration (BANI) either as an applicant or as defendant, MSP Partners even have often acted as the legal representative of the Indonesia National Board Of Arbitration as well as other arbitrators in the Central Jakarta District Court as a party to be sued by the parties who were not satisfied towards the verdict of the Panel of Arbitrators. In addition, MSP Partners also have experience in handling arbitration overseas representing the State owned enterprises against foreign enterprises.

The State Administrative Litigation (TUN)04. The State Administrative Litigation (TUN)

MSP experienced in handling cases of State Administration in the State Administrative Court (PTUN) as plaintiff or intervening party ranging from the level of the State Administrative Court to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Employment05. Employment

MSP has lots of experience in handling labor cases starting from the bipartite, tripartite negotiations in the Department of Labor, lawsuit to the Industrial Relations Court both as the plaintiff as well as the defendant, to the appeal process and judicial review in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Criminal Litigation06. Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is strongly related the client’s personal judgment, and therefore, closeness and comfort through all the process, from inspection at the police station, and up to a court requires precision and consistency on legal handling. Therefore, it is the responsibility of advocate of MSP to always maintain the legal service with high attention to maintain a good psychological effect of the client.

Mediation and Negotiation07. Mediation and Negotiation

Partner of MSP has obtained an accreditation from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia as the mediator in court as well as outside the court in all level of mediation and negotiation process. Along the way, several companies have been assisted in the negotiation process related to matters concerning contracts and business agreements with the out-of-court settlement. The effectiveness and speed of completion are highly considered and even the confidentiality of each relevant parties is well maintained during this legal process. There is no winning or losing, win-win solution is the commercial conclusion for all parties. Moreover, the good relationship that is always maintained is a positive value which benefit business to be put in up of the personal parties interest.